Interactive multi-screen digital video.


May–June 2017

This digital media installation repurposes a flat file cabinet to display animations of data visualizations and simulations of phenomena of persistence and change on time scales both long and short term. This is a framing of geological and climate change that disrupts the conceits, the vanities, the hopes, the fears and aspirations of the dominant(?) species of the Anthropocene. By means of the physical interaction of opening each of six drawers the viewing audience completes this work that employs public domain data visualization and computer animations that show the dynamics of plate tectonics, the change in the extent of sea ice, the rise of a great mountain chains, eroding coastlines and retreating glaciers. Geological processes are contrasted with digital videos of those species most likely to persist: swarms of rats, cockroaches and locusts. The installation serves as a memento mori that ‘this too shall pass” for better or for worse.

The Curious Cabinet of Persistence and Change was part of the group exposition “Invocation” opening on Friday May 12th and continuing until June 18, 2017th at the Odetta gallery in Bushwick(Brooklyn), New York. This exhibit is curated in conjunction with New York Creative Tech Week 2017.

Single Project